We Create Delicious Memories Candle Ready Cakes Delicious Cookies

We Create Delicious Memories

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Candle Ready Cakes

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Delicious Cookies

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Our Company

Bakeryhaus aims to reinforce the European culture of fine, hand crafted Bakery goods and introduces a large variety of products into the North American market. It specializes in providing its clients with the highest quality breads, pastries and desserts that are made from the finest European ingredients, carrying the thousand year long European tradition into North America.


We provide wholesale distribution of our products for fine-food stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Your BakeryHaus

Thorough our full concept build-out you can own your own BakeryHaus retail shop without having…


Our customizable catering options are suitable for any events including parties, weddings, private functions or…

About Us

BakeryHaus specializes in a wide range of bakery products made from the finest ingredients and based on traditional European recipes. We ensure to provide our customers with all-natural and organic baked goods, coffee beverages, prepared foods and specialty catering options. At BakeryHaus  we believe that variety is the spice of life and that is why we offer a distinctive assortment of fine bakery products to please everyones taste.

Delicious pastries with premium ingredients that awaken all your senses and make you enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

We do not use hydrogenated fatty acids in our products. All of our products are free of artificial colours. Certificate of Organic Products. Highest-quality Ingredients to provide ultimate taste. Non-GMO production. Use of pure high-quality butter, made with organic milk and free of additives.